Mother was always Mother

To you, Mother was always Mother. It never occurred to you that she had once taken her first step, or had once been three or twelve or twenty years old. Mother was Mother. She was born as Mother. Until you saw her running to your uncle like that, it hadn’t dawned on you that she was a human being who harboured the exact same feeling you had for your own brothers, and this realisation led to the awareness that she, too, had had a childhood. From then on, you sometimes thought of Mother as a girl, as a young woman, as a newly wed, as a mother who had just given birth to you.

Please Look After Mother, Kyung-Sook Shin



3 thoughts on “Mother was always Mother

  1. Great novel. My favorite part was when the husband said, “Before you lost sight of your wife . . . she was merely your children’s mother to you. She was like a steadfast tree . . . that wouldn’t go away unless it was chopped down or pulled out. After your children’s mother went missing, you realized that it was your wife who was missing. Your wife, whom you’d forgotten about for fifty years, was present in your heart. Only after she had disappeared did she come to you tangibly.”

  2. That’s a beautiful section. I think the husband’s perspective was probably the most heart-wrenching, since he finally came to appreciate his wife, but never has the chance to tell her what he’s realised.

    I’d really like to read more novels by Kyung-Sook Shin :).

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