Humans are the only animals that keep children on purpose, keep in touch (or don’t), care about birthdays, waste and lose time, brush their teeth, feel nostalgia, scrub stains, have religions and political parties and laws, wear keepsakes, apologize years after an offense, whisper, fear themselves, interpret dreams, hide their genitalia, shave, bury time capsules, and can choose not to eat something for reasons of conscience. The justifications for eating animals and for not eating them are often identical: we are not them.

Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran Froer



3 thoughts on “Human

  1. This is a brilliant book. And I say that as someone who isn’t vegetarian (yet!). Damn, I think I should have added this to my list of favourite books that I put on my blog… is is cheating if I add it now? 😉

    • Hehe, it’s never too late to add a book to your list of favourites!
      I really enjoyed Froer, too :). My only problem with ‘Eating Animals’ is that it’s perhaps too persuasive: I’m currently considering going vegan as a result!

      • Ha, well whatever Foer says, he is looking to convert us – so good for you. I eat a lot less meat now and when I do eat I spend more to ensure that it’s been treated as well as I can hope for. I probably eat vegetarian about two thirds of the time.

        I do get the feeling that we’re muckier in the UK – it’s easier to get hold of meat that been treated well than in the States. And I reckon our animal welfare standards are generally higher too.

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