News #1: My Debut Novel is Now Available!

areverie cover

My debut novel, ‘A Reverie of Brothers’, is now available on the Kindle for digital download*. I started writing this 90,000 word novel at the age of sixteen, after reading Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast Novels for the first time and falling in love with the dreamlike setting of the castle. After six years of redrafting and experimenting, I am thrilled to finally present the finished product. Please help an independent self-published author (I don’t have the money to fund an expensive marketing campaign) by sharing the link and leaving a review. Thank you very much for your support, book lovers! 🙂

*The paperback version is now available!

Amazon US: A Reverie of Brothers

Amazon UK:


5 thoughts on “News #1: My Debut Novel is Now Available!

  1. Hello! I’m an independent author too, with my first book available and my second on the way. I’m looking for independent reviewers to read, ‘The Lost Heirs’ and review it on Amazon for me. Would you be interested in an exchange of reviews? I love mysteries and would happily buy and review your book if you would return the favour? Let me know if you’re interested!

      • I am really enjoying your book! Its so well written and easy to read. I have the luxury of a day to read today so I should be able to get the review on by tonight. Hope you’re enjoying The Lost Heirs x

      • Hello! I’ve loved your first book well done! Hope there’s a second on the way. I’ve put a review on Amazon and Goodreads and have published it to my blog. How are you finding The Lost Heirs? It is a children’s book of course, but hopefully not too boring for an adult! Happy New Year x

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